Bell’s Palsy

What is Bels Palsy?

Bell’s Palsy is a one-sided, facial-nerve paralysis on one side of the face that causes the face to droop. Bell’s palsy is a one of the most common neurologic disorders affecting the cranial nerves, and it is the most common form of facial paralysis worldwide. This disfiguring disorder can have a devastating effect on a patient. The Boston Gonstead Chiropractic is here to relieve you of your heartburn troubles, contact us today.

Diagnosis & Treatment

Patients that come to our clinic with signs and symptoms of Bell’s Palsy can expect a full neurological and physical examination including assessing all your cranial nerves that that supply the face. Your doctor may also order tests, such as blood tests, an MRI or a CT scan to pinpoint the cause of the facial paralysis. The entire diagnostic process helps us develop a treatment plan to relieve symptoms and restore function and facial symmetry. Treatment options available at our clinics include:
  • Chiropractic adjustments using a variety of techniques
  • Specialized exercise
  • Supported Physical Therapy