Enuresis(bed wetting)

What is Enuresis?

Most children wet the bed or have wetting incidents following the toilet training stage, but by age 4 or 5, the majority establish complete bladder control. Enuresis is the inability of a child to control his or her bladder resulting in involuntary urination. There are two types:
Primary enuresis occurs in a child older than 5 who has never been able to establish proper bladder control.
Secondary enuresis is the diagnosis for a child who has been able to establish proper bladder control, but who has since lapsed back to wetting the bed. In most cases, bed-wetting is considered just an unfortunate childhood problem, and no outside treatment is needed.
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Many factors may be involved in the development of enuresis. Involuntary, or non-intentional, release of urine may result from:
  • Nerve interference or impingement
  • Spinal cord disorders
  • Persistent urinary tract infections
  • Severe stress
  • Developmental delays that interfere with toilet training
  • A small bladder